T-1000c, Killer robot chickens from the future

T-1000c, Killer robot chickens from the future

This easter the city has placed two giant chickens made from twigs outside my house as an innocent easter decoration. I however immediately recognized them for what they were; T-1000c:s, killer robot chickens sent back from the future! All I needed to complete the transformation was the telltale red glowing eyes.

I set out to complete the transformation. Since I did not expect to get what ever i built back again, I decided not to use any expensive components. I also wanted the eyes to turn off during the day to save battery.

What I came up with was a simple circuit, where a transistor acts as a switch and switches depending on the resistance of an LDR (Light dependent resistor). This way the eyes turn on at night when it´s dark outside, and off during the day.


  • 1 x 2n2222 Transistor
  • 1 x LDR that varies between ~6k ohm when exposed to light and ~60k ohm when it’s dark
  • 2 x red LEDs
  • 1 x 20k ohm resistor
  • 2 x 48 ohm resistor
  • Some perfboard and wires
  • 1 x 50 cm (20 in) stick
  • 2 x 1.5V alcaline batteries
  • Duckt tape

I taped together the two batteries with some aluminium foil, and placed them between the poles to make solid contact . I then waterproofed everything with duct tape and installed the whole thing by showing the stick through the head of the chicken.

So happy easter from jenslabs and the T1000c!

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