Laser cutting a ”ME” stamp

Laser cutting a ”ME” stamp

Ever since I built my little laser cutter I have been trying to find different uses for it. Today I decided to see if I could laser cut a stamp out of EVA foam.

Step 1, Prepare the image for laser cutting.

I decided to let my narcissistic side run loose and choose a picture of me to make a stamp out of. If you want more details about how to make a stencil from a photo check out this tutorial.

Step 2.

Generate the g-code from incscape using the laser plugin and cut the eva foam.

3. Glue the EVA foam stamp to a piece of wood and use a saw to make it a little bit more easy to use. Once the glue is dry the eva foam frame can be removed.

4. Stamp away! I used acrylic paint and a sponge to get the paint onto the stamp.

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